USB Drives Stolen and The Loss It Brought in Global Area

  • As the phenomenon of global data breach has been becoming more and more serious, we pay great attention to the security of our credit cards, social security numbers, bank details, business confidential data, or private information, however pay much less or little attention to the data stored in our USB drives. Because of the advantages of USB drive such as small size, low price, easy to store and carry, they are widely used in our life. And just because of that, they are quite prone to be stolen or lost. Most of us store data in them for temporary and delete after use, and hold the opinion that even the USB drives were stolen or lost, there won't be any heavy loss. But the truth is, just one negligence may bring in serious consequences you can never imagine. Please take a look of the following examples, maybe you will learn more about the importance of the USB encryption:

  • Cannock in the UK, 2008, an IT analyst lost a USB drive near a billboard at a bus stop. This USB drive enables the carrier the access to the government website database, and due to his carelessness, there were over 12 million people's private information was at the risk of exposure.
  • Since April 2011, the WikiLeaks continued to disclose tens of thousand classified military documents on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The investigation by US military turned out that the event was due to the leakage of data stored in a USB drive, which belonged to Bradley Manning, who was used to be the intelligence analyst of US army in Iraq.

  • July 31, 2012, Oregon Health and Science University, which located in Portland, Oregon of US, claimed that a USB drive had been stolen in an employee's house after he brought it home. It contains more than 14300 medical records, information of 702 pediatric patients and over 200 employees. Those involved important information, including name, date of birth, telephone number, home address, medical record number, medical description etc., of each single patient.
  • How shall we protect our data stored in USB drives?
  • idoo USB Encryption is the very software to protect the data stored in USB drives. It divides the USB drive into two areas: the secure area and the public area. The secure area can only be opened by the correct password while the public need not any. The encrypted USB drive is quite easy to use, you can read it on a computer without installing any extra software. By the AES-256 bit encryption technology, idoo USB Encryption can protect our information effectively, and prevent any important data and private information from being stolen or exposed.

  • In our daily work or life, sometimes our colleagues or friends may need to use our computer. You maybe want to make some files or folders invisible or locked then. To secure our information, what you need is not only the USB encryption, but also the means to encrypt files or lock folders, to encrypt the CD/DVD discetc., to protect our information effectively and flexibly.
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