• How to encrypt CD/DVD

    • idoo Secure Disc Creator is a free DVD or CD copy protection software for creating encrypted data files, virtual discs and burning encrypted CD/DVD. It can create a safe area and public area in one disc concurrently. Using Military Standard of 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption algorithm. The idoo CD DVD Encryption package is designed to be used to backup important data.
    • This

      DVD encryption software

      would protect your important file and folder by encrypting the secure area, which could be only opened by your password, while the public area need not any. Powerful functions with easy operations, it makes idoo

      DVD encryption

      your best choice to prevent the information in CD/DVD from leakage. The following post explains

      how to encrypt a DVD disc

    • 1. Select the disc type you want to create from the right side of the "Recorder" device list.
    • 2. Insert a blank or erasable disc into your recorder.
    • DVD encryption
    • 3. Click "Add files" button.
    • 4. Add files into a safe area or public area, and click "Burn" button to start burning your disc.
    • How could my friend open my encrypted CD/DVD disc
    • Send a disk through the mail to a third party, tell him/her your password, he/she can open your encrypted CD/DVD disc easily.

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      • System Requirements
      • Windows 7 8 10 32/64-bit
      • Windows Vista 32/64-bit
      • Windows XP 32/64-bit
      • Windows 2000
      • Windows Server 2000 32/64-bit
      • Windows Server 2003 32/64-bit
      • Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit
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