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What if a iso or iso is not locked?

  • Without iso lock, iso discs can be easily copied and read by anyone who got the disc, which means everything in iso is transparent.
  • As we know that more than 90% documents in one company should be classified, between executive levels, staff, department, njias, etc. These documents concern with the life and death of a company, or huge among of bankroll. If these documents are leaked to the people who should not read them, it will be a disaster to whole company, including boss and all staff. Just try to imagine that if the top classified documents in FBI are leaked to the public, how terrible it will be?
  • So no matter which kind of iso or iso disc in company, they should be locked, and the password for browsing it can only be transmitted between the men who have the right to read or copy.

How does iso or iso lock perform?

  • The iso lock software is capable of locking iso images (.ISO). After burning it with any writing application disk looks blank when inserted into normal iso reading device. And the lock algorithms supported include AES (256, 192, 128; SingleKey Mode aes-loop compatible) and TwoFish (160 Bit Key; SuSE Linux compatible).
  • By this way, the files or data in iso or iso is locked securely.

Recommended iso lock software

  • Here we recommend you to use iso lock software to make your files or data more secure. idoo Secure Disc Creator is the best iso lock software on the iso lock market. Why not have a try now?

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