• How To Lock Folder

    • Usually, most computer users divide their hard disk into several partitions, each disk stores one kind of data, for example, install the system in C drive, store games in D drive, save important data in E drive, and backup in F drive. This is the most ideal partition way. However, people can check all your disks if you don't lock your computer.
    • Even if you leave your computer for a little while, someone may steal or check data on your computer. Your secrets will be known by the person you don't want to let him know. How to solve this problem? The easiest way is to lock a folder in which your secrets are stored.
    • A disk lock software is to hold your important data by locking the disk with encryption and password. After locking the disk, you are only one who masters the key to access that disk, until you authorize another person to access the locked disk.
    • Watch out! You may ignore the importance of the disk folder. Just search on Google, there is plenty of people's privacy that is widely prevalent. And these make them famous in a bad name. People want to be famous in good, instead of bad things, right?
    • Disk lock software helps you to lock folds. With the best disk lock software, you can lock your files and folders. People can't enter your disk without your permission.

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