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    • The Internet world is like the Wild West in many ways. You can go online at any given time and if you're surfing sensitive websites like a bank account or your email, you are opening up the floodgates for a variety of issues. Even if you try to surf the web anonymously, say no to cookies, install many add ons to your browser and have a significant other in the information technology world, you still aren't protected. Unfortunately, in these modern times, hackers are continually exploiting small security loopholes and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop anytime soon. This is especially evident if you turn on the news, as you'll hear of many large websites getting taken down and in the mean time, the culprits are pulling out all the information from their backend, including your credit card information, passwords, and security on your computer. There is a way to stop them and it's as simple as getting folder encryption software installed on your computer.
    • Notebook computer might be stolen or lost. In this case the most vulnerable is information that looks like deleted, but is actually available for covering. Another problem is internet activity. Any Internet browser leaves a lot of traces, including the links to visited sites, used loggings and sometime password. This aspect may lead to identity theft problem, when someone could take a lot of information about you from your PC, from browser cookies.
    • Windows operating system also provides the feature of encryption, it has a driver named EFS (Encryption File System), and this driver encrypts the files and makes them transparent from attackers who gain access to your system without your permission. The function of EFS is to apply encryption to your files with symmetric key, this symmetric key is also known as File Encryption Key that uses symmetric algorithm.
    • Using windows encryption feature for encrypting your files and folders is safe but not secure because this encryption is not strong and an average computer user with the help of some decrypting and cracking software can easily decrypt your data and easily use it for his/her personal use.
    • Data protection has always been a big issue, as the techno world is advancing day by day, people use to save a lot of their important and personal data on their PC, and therefore it becomes extremely necessary for them to take some security measures to protect their data.
    • Protect Your Laptop In Case of Theft
    • idoo File Encryption Pro is a powerful and simple to use file encryption software designed to help you quickly hide files and lock on your computer to avoid unwanted access. idoo File Encryption uses 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt your data located either on the hard drive or any portable media such as flash drive. Protecting data files from the not authorized individual is the need of almost every individual in today's world. You are in home or office you have to protect your data, otherwise, any person can read your files and damage them all too. It is not the matter of protecting your data files just like images, audio or videos but its a very important data file too like financial statements, tax documents and bank information etc which needs to be protected from other persons.
    • Easily Manage Encrypted Files & Documents
    • The great thing is, the encryption software shows us a more convenient and efficient method to manage and employ our data. We may create a secure area which will store all the important data, and only the password for the safe area is needed. Once the secure area is opened by the correct password, all documents there are accessible for us, and we need not enter the code one by one.
    • Keeps Your Important Data Secure From Prying Eyes
    • idoo File Encryption can encrypt, hide, lock and deny write folders/hard drives. It gives you a unique means to fully monitor all your files and disks. You will receive a comprehensive report on all accesses to files and also the operating of software programs. One quick check helps you know when an unauthorized access has occurred. You could immediately follow up and then stop access before extensive damage could happen. It enables users to supervise the drives and files easily and efficiently by recording every access to files and operating software.
    • Shred Files To Securely Clean From The Computer
    • The second task is to make sure that your data is easy to undelete. Using idoo software shred files to securely clean from the computer, this is really 100% security.
    • File Protection With Password
    • Using strong passwords and securing them is another way of making certain your computer data remains protected all the time. Make sure your passwords are impossible to guess and that they are seen by no-one while you enter them. It is also a good idea and recommended that you change your passwords twice a month, if you are undertaking financial deals from your computer. How to use the

      file encryption for windows 10

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    • How to encrypt files windows 10
    • How to Encrypt Your Files
    • Choose "Lock File" from "Hard Disk"on the left menu. Click "Lock File" to add the files you want to lock. Similarly, you may also lock file folders or local drives by adding them to the list from "Lock Folder" or "Lock Partition".
    • encrypt files windows
    • The access to the locked files, file folders and hard drives will be restricted, and they can only be accessed by entering the correct password.
    • how to encrypt file for windows 10
    • How to hide the local files, folders or HDD
    • Run idoo File Encryption, and select "Hide File" from "Hard Disk" on the left menu.
    • encrypt file for windows 10
    • Please click "Hide File" to add the files you would like to hide. In the same manner, you can even hide file folders or local drives by adding those to the list from "Hide Folder" or "Hide Partition".
    • By selecting the hidden files, file folders or the HDD and only click "Show", the hide function can be simply canceled.
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    • Choose "Monitor" from "Hard Disk" on the left menu. Click "Add" to add the hard drives or folders you would like to monitor.
    • how to encrypt data
    • Click "Advanced Settings" and set the filters and notifications, users may supervise the operation on any file folders and hard disks more efficiently and exactly. To view the latest monitor log by clicking "Refresh".
    • How to set the e-mail alarm
    • ZIP encryption
    • Please click "Settings" on the left menu then just click "Self Protect" from the list, and you will find optional methods to provide versatile protection to the data. And users also can change password or supervise the programs in "Settings". (More Info)

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    • Windows 7 8 10 32/64-bit
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    • Windows 2000
    • Windows Server 2000 32/64-bit
    • Windows Server 2003 32/64-bit
    • Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit