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    • Turning to a digital workforce today means that employees increasingly need access to information assets to get the job done. This poses a serious challenge for IT administrators everywhere. Trying to identify suspicious access behavior and preventing the most sensitive information from being stolen, changing or deleting can be a daunting task.
    • Encryption software protects data security
    • As hackers become more adept at stealing private information, we must be more vigilant in protecting our files, whether we are corporate or home users. Encryption tools encode data so that it can only be unlocked with a certain key, making it harder for third parties to gain access. This means that only those who have access to the key can access the data, making the encryption software an important tool for data security.
    • Encryption principle
    • At present, Filesystem-level encryption is widely accepted. However, this technique makes it possible for unauthorized users to have some file names, access times, or perhaps get parts of files from temporary and disk swap files. Although this method is not very safe, there are many users, what is the cause? Because many people share a computer in a company or family.
    • Full Disk Encryption is the most secure encryption method. Full Disk Encryption adopts the encryption scheme based upon the Physical Sector level, it is able to encrypt all data on our hard disk, as well as the OS. Unauthorized users aren't able to access any files on the hard disk. In the encrypted disk, there are no files or file names that can be seen without entering a password. That is to say, In other words, when we enter the password, the decryption program is automatically run, and after the shutdown, the encryption is automatically performed. This encryption method is only suitable for one person to use the computer alone.
    • How to choose the encryption software that suits you
    • We may have paid great attention to data security, and also have done everything possible to prevent data breaches. However, there are always situations in which our data may inevitably be exposed. For mobile media that store our important data, such as mobile hard drives, USB flash drives, and DVDs, we also need to encrypt them to prevent data theft.
    • 1. We must leave and cope with some urgent matters, while the personal computer is not turned off.
      2. In an office, we keep and send the information on the LAN, where the information is shared by everyone within the company.
      3. Family members share one or more computers at home.
      4. Computer is hacked.
      5. We need somebody to fix our operating system or hardware.
      6. Laptop in the hotel.
      7. We could possibly lose our laptops (USB memories, CD/DVDs, removable hard disks etc.) or lend them to other people.
    • For 1, 2, and 3 possible situations: Their common feature is shared computers. Especially in the office, a large part of the files in the computer need to be shared, so we need to set different attributes for the characteristics of the file, such as locking, prohibiting modification, prohibiting deletion, etc. These operations can be implemented using the windows system's own functions (The operation is relatively troublesome). For particularly important files, third-party encryption software is generally used for encryption. Of course, Windows 10 programs can also be encrypted, but it is more troublesome to use. You can read: How to Lock a Folder in Windows 10?
    • For 4, 5, and 6 possible situations: Your computer is under the control of others. Files on your computer may be seen or used by others. The method of protecting such files must encrypt the entire hard disk. The whole disk encryption is a bit clear in the front. Today, there is currently no effective way to crack a full-disk encrypted file unless you reveal the password.
    • For 7 possible situations: The simple USB memory stick does provide users with many benefits. It can store up to 256 gigabytes of data in a product with an average index finger size. Almost anyone with a PC or laptop has at least one USB memory stick. However, this USB sticks has also created a huge opportunity for criminal programmers, causing serious damage to computer users. Due to the limited capacity of DVD/CD storage data, we use them less and less, but many people use them to back up important files. It is also important to protect these backed up files.
    • How to protect files using idoo File encryption software (Solve the 1/2/3 problem)
    • idoo File Encryption is the best encryption software to encrypt, lock and hide files, folders, drives in a convenient way. This encryption software is compatible with all popular versions of Windows operating system. Suitable for all kind of file formats, its operation is very easy and works quickly with a click. Encryption software is depending on highly secure AES 256-bit algorithm and there's no doubt that it could protect or refuse unauthorized access to the confidential and protected any data from prying eyes. This encryption tool is the best choice to stop data breach. (how to use)
    • how to encrypt file using file encryption software (video)
    • Hide Data: Totally hides files, folders and drives from users and program access.
    • Lock Data: Data could be locked simply with a click where there will not be any possible way to get data accessed or altered by others.
    • Security Protection: It's possible to protect one or batch files kept in a folder with no need of password.
    • Data Encryption: As the software name reflects, it has the function to encrypt files and folder using 256-bit AES algorithm.
    • Portable Encryption: It can create encrypted executable file packed with the files and folders to use as portable.
    • Data Shredder: There won't be any way possible to recover any data once deleted using its data shredder.
    • Password Protected: Access encryption software without entering a valid password is impossible.
    • Convenience: It's simple to operate user friendly.
    • Tip: If you share your computer with others, there is always the chance that someone will either accidentally delete your stuff or otherwise mess with it. You can prevent that by password protecting it. Once you reinstall the system or use recovery software to retrieve the files. Except for encrypted files, these hidden files will be displayed and will be used.
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    • The safest way to protect files in case of theft (Solve the 4/5/6 problem)
    • idoo Full Disk Encryption provides encryption for all those drives, including system disk. The security password helps to protect hard disks, system hard disk drive and os, and also the grogram disables any kind of illegal reading or writing, or any unauthorized access to your system or unique hard drives or computer data files. This is the whole disk encryption software which supplies automatic security for all information saved in hard disks, which includes consumer information, operating system files, temporary and deleted computer data. For maximum data protection, the authentication before launch the computer assures an individual identity, and helps prevent data breach even been stolen or lost. The whole disk encryption has a simple to use interface and is straightforward to use. As soon as encrypted, all info in the on the hard disk can be completely protected.
    • full disk encryption in windows
    • idoo Full Disk Encryption Feature: It gives you automatic security for all information stored in computer drives, including operator data, os files, temporary and deleted files, to provide protection to your own data to a great extent.
    • Pre-boot User Identity Authentication: So that you can try to make certain that merely the authorized users have access to the system, the user identity have to be authenticated before the launching the system.
    • USB Drive Encryption: This software provides USB/hard disk drives encryption, with the pre-boot user identity authentication perform, it is able to ensure all of your drives and system files. These functions make it superior to other similar products.
    • Superior data security: This software could be a hard disk encryption software considering the features of hardware encryption. Not only can it safeguard the data itself, and also the hard disks the place that the data stored. The hard disks have got a complete calculating system, along with a CPU used by data encryption and decryption. However, it makes use of its own CPU, makes all the users free from performance issues through software encryption. It is actually transparent to users and independent of the operating system, without turning it on or off, it'll always maintain data files encrypted and guarded. idoo Full Disk Encryption closely controls having access to drive resources, without having direct memory access and separated program memory from data storage, this reduces the possibility of any specific backdoor data breach. It functions completely with its own memory, a multi-tasking operating system with an abundance of space for storing, helps make the hard disk a closed computing environment.
    • User-friendly Interface: This software includes potent function, even though the installation and procedure are easy. With the user-friendly interface, you'll be able to handle it readily.
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    • For 7 possible situations:
    • USB flash drives are easy to lose if you don't keep track of them. It is becoming known that encrypted USB security is one of the most cost-effective ways of protecting information. Guarding a business's data and keeping it safe doesn't have to be expensive, just effective. The most important features of an encrypted USB drive is that it can offer the best security available for storing and transmitting confidential information. (How to use)
    • How to encrypt USB drives using idoo USB encryption software
    • Password Protection: It can password protect your USB drives and any other types of external storage devices.
    • Fully Compatible: It works on all types of Windows and supports all external portable media like USB flash drives, Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks, Memory Cards, Pen Drives and Jump Drives.
    • Protect All Kinds of Data: Whatever information, files, folders and documents you put in your USB drive, USB stick encryption keeps them completely secured.
    • Reliable and Independent: It protects data by using several layers of patent pending protection methods. This makes its protection, PC and hardware independent.
    • No Worries of Data Loss: Total peace of mind from security leaks and privacy breaches. Never again fear of what's happening to your device while it is lost.
    • User-Friendly Interface & Easy to Use: It's easy to install, run and use. It doesn't complicate users with technical jargon common in other encryption programs.
    • How to Encrypt DVD/CD
    • Several people keep private information on HDD and did not realize they ought to get a safety copy of the computer files - Back-Up. It's necessary to make personal archive on the DVD/CD frequently. And more important is to defend data medium. You're able to move files on DVD/CD without being anxious about data safety. Even though you may lose the DVD/CD with secret info no one will have use of this particular private content (music, video). To deliver personal privacy protection on the CD/DVD our data has to be password protected and encrypted. (How to use)
    • how to encrypt DVD (Video)
    • User-defined allocation: CD/DVD encryption can create safe area and public area concurrently, and enable the users to allocate the size of them as they need.
    • All-type files encryption: It supports CD/DVD encryption for various types of files and folders.
    • Free from all care: Supreme encryption algorithm, brings you no worry about the possibility of exposure of confidential data if the encrypted CD/DVD discs were lost or stolen.
    • Portability: There is no need to install any extra software. Just enter the correct password, the encrypted CD/DVD disc could be opened and read.
    • Reliable and Safe: The technology was utilized by the Secure Departments, and the core tech of CD/DVD encryption now is applying for several patents protection.
    • Create ISO image files: idoo DVD encryption can create encrypted ISO image discs, it can make lock ISO format image file of CD or DVD.
    • Virtual Disc: idoo DVD encryption software can create virtual drive, which can read the ISO image files.
    • User-friendly interface: idoo DVD encryption possesses powerful function, while the installation and operation are easy. With the user-friendly interface, you can handle it readily.

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