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Hide Data: It can perfectly hide your files, folders or drives from users' programs, and make them completely invisible.

Lock Data: You can easily lock your data by it, and the locked files, folders or drives, cannot be accessed or modified.

Security Protection: The files and sub-folders in a locked folder can be protected without any password.

Encrypt Data: It has the function of file encryption and folder encryption.

Portable Encryption: Using advanced AES encryption algorithm, it packs and encrypts the folder into an executable file, which is portable and readily to use.

Safe Delete: No one can recover the safe deleted data from your disk.

Password Protected: There's no way to run or uninstall the software without the password.

Easy to Use: With user-friendly interface, it is very easy to use.

Hardware Compatibility

  • 1. Fully supports Intel? Pentium D Dual-Core Processor
  • 2. AMD Athlon? 64X2 Dual-CoreProcessor

System Requirements

  • 1. Windows 10, 8, 7 32/64-bit
  • 2. Windows Vista 32/64-bit
  • 3. Windows XP 32/64-bit
  • 4. Windows 2000
  • 5. Windows Server 2000 32/64-bit
  • 6. Windows Server 2003 32/64-bit
  • 7. Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit

Why do we need file encryption tool

  • 1. It is necessary to encrypt the private information, business confidential documents and other data need protection.
  • 2. If you need to be sure that the important information would not be divulged even your computer or laptop were lost or stolen.
  • 3. Your private information or confidential documents would not be stolen or exposed if your system had been hacked. Encrypted files cannot be opened or read even if had been stolen, and it can prevent data breach effectively.

What features do you need for file encryption software

  • 1. It should be perfectly safe, that no one can access the encrypted data without the correct password or your permission.
  • 2. Easy to use, and you can handle it without any problem even for the first time.
  • 3. Strong functions, that you can set the access authority as you need, such as to encrypt, lock or hide, and to provide comprehensive and flexible protection to your files.
  • 4. Coping with developing tech and complicated environment, we shall provide high-quality after-sales services and continuous updating.

idoo File Encryption Features

  • idoo File Encryption is a professional software designed for preventing leakage of confidential files. With the advanced encryption technology, it possesses strong functions, high speed and easy operations, not only suits the hardware-carried files, but also the network-transmitted information, and it is a necessary software for both our work and family.
  • Video Tutorial
    • file encryption tutorial
    System Requirements
    • Windows 7 8 10 32/64-bit
    • Windows Vista 32/64-bit
    • Windows XP 32/64-bit
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows Server 2000 32/64-bit
    • Windows Server 2003 32/64-bit
    • Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit
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