• How to create password protect DVD

    • What are the features of idoo Secure Disc Creator
    • By the excellent idoo Secure Disc Creator, not only you can burn normal or encrypted CD/DVD discs, but also partition one disc into safe area and public area, to burn different data in the area you need.
    • What are safe area and public area
    • Safe area: The area protected by password, without which no one could open it.
    • Public area: The area that anyone could open and read.

    • How to create an encrypted CD/DVD disc
    • 1. Select the disc type you want to create from the right side of "Recorder" device list.
    • 2. Insert a blank or erasable disc into your recorder.
    • 3. Click "Add files" button.
    • 4. Add files into safe area or public area, and click "Burn" button to start burning your disc.
    • How to create and burn an encrypted ISO file disc
    • 1. Select "Make ISO Image File" from the right side of "Recorder" device list.
    • 2. Click "Add Files" icon, and add files.
    • 3. Then click "Make Image" icon to create encrypted ISO file.
    • 4. Enter the password and click the "OK" button. Select the place you need to save the file, click "OK" to start making ISO encrypted file.
    • 5. If you want to burn encrypted ISO files to DVD, double-click the ISO file, the software automatically appears burning interface, you can burn encrypted ISO file.
    • How to password protect DVD
    • Run the executable file "agent.exe" in the disc and enter your password of the safe area, then you can read the information in the encrypted CD/DVD disc.
    • Is the encrypted disc portable or easy to use
    • Yes.it is potable. You need not install any extra program, just run the executable file "agent.exe" and enter your password, you can then open the encrypted disc easily.
    • How could my friend open my encrypted CD/DVD disc
    • Tell him/her your password, he/she can open your encrypted CD/DVD disc easily.
    • How to burn the ISO file into a blank CD/DVD disc
    • 1. Click "ISO Burner" button.
    • 2. Insert a blank disc into the recorder.
    • 3. Select your recorder and click "Refresh" button.
    • 4. Select the ISO file you want to burn.
    • 5. Click "Burn" button to start burning your disc.
    • How to mount the ISO file in the virtual drive
    • 1. Click "Virtual Disc" button.
    • 2. Select the ISO image file you want to mount.
    • 3. Select the drive letter you want to make.
    • 4. Click "Mount" button to mount it.

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