How to encrypt SD card

  • SD cards are widely used in mobile phones and digital cameras, so we have to pay attention to the security of the data stored in SD cards. However, most SD card encryption software cannot provide a genuine protection for the data, because they just hide the data by manipulating the operation system of mobile phone. Once the operation system was reinstalled or changed, all encryption would be invalid, and that's we called "pseudo-encryption".
  • How to thoroughly protect our data? It cannot be achieved just by pseudo-encryption, ie. by manipulate the OS to hide the data, instead, it has to create a virtual encrypted disk by the independent encryption program. The data would be stored in the virtual encrypted disk, which only can be accessed when be decrypted, or it will not show any data or file name. So even the phone were lost, or the OS were reinstalled or with any other software, the virtual encrypted disk cannot be accessed without correct password.
  • At present, most phone OS do not support the high intensity encryption program, so if you want to fully protect your data or private information, it is advisable to operate the SD card encryption software on computer. In other words, the way to encrypt your SD card, by phone software or by computer, would depend on the importance of the data.
  • idoo Private Disk creates a virtual encrypted disk in SD card and encrypts it with 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. Theoretically speaking, it can never be opened without correct password, so please do remember the password you have set, or there would be no one can help you to figure it out.
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  • Windows 2000
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  • Windows Server 2003 32/64-bit
  • Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit
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