• How to encrypt your computer

  • Updated: 07/14/2020
    • With the rapid development of the Internet, people gradually find that all kinds of information will spread quickly, and privacy will leak if they are not careful. But in both life and work, everyone has some sensitive files that they don't want others to see, so many people think of encrypting files and protecting their privacy. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said  “Encryption works. Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on.
    • How can ordinary people get started using encryption
    • How to encrypt a computer hard drive? Encryption comes in many different ways to handle different needs. When you are trying to protect your privacy, it is completely unclear how to use encryption. It is recommended that you use full disk encryption. Full Disk Encryption - Also known as Full Encryption - is the most effective way to prevent a laptop from being lost, stolen or unattended in a hotel room. The advantage of full disk encryption is that the method is simple and easy to operate. Full disk encryption software does this - it encrypts the entire drive, not just a few files or folders, including deleted files. External devices like flash drives and external hard drives can be encrypted with disk encryption software.
    • How to choose the encryption
    • How to choose the file encryption
    • You have two big choices when it comes to encryption: do you just encrypt the important stuff, or do you encrypt your entire drive? Each has pros and cons......(Read more)
    • Currently, Filesystem-level Encryption is widely used. This encryption method allows the user to obtain information such as the file name and usage time of the encrypted file, and even obtain partial file contents from temporary files and disk swap files. idoo Full Disk Encryption uses a Disk Encryption method that encrypts all data stored on the hard disk, including the operating system. Unauthorized users cannot open any files on the hard drive and do not get any information about the files saved on the disk. Because there is no concept of a file in an encrypted partition, there is no information such as the name and content of the file.
    • How to encrypt your computer
    • When using idoo Full Disk Encryption for the first time, the user needs to encrypt and specify the partition by encryption. The purpose is to encrypt all the data in the specified partition. This process generally takes a long time. After the encryption initialization is completed, the Full Disk Encryption will automatically decrypt the data when the user reads the data of the encrypted partition. Conversely, if a user writes data to an encrypted partition, Full Disk Encryption encrypts the written data and then saves it in an encrypted partition. Full Disk Encryption not only enables users to keep their usage habits, but also has little influence on computer performance (less than 5%). Except the user has to input the password, which is applied by idoo Full Disk Encryption to encipher and decipher, when login the operating system, it makes no difference to the user when he or she uses the computer.
    • If you want to know how to encrypt external hard drive?
    • Disadvantages: When the computer is turned on, anyone can use it.
    • How do I encrypt a file
    • We often use a computer or USB together with others. Some files are expected to be encrypted, hidden, and prohibited from being modified, and some files are available for everyone to use. In this case, how can we manage the security of files on the computer? The

      best way to encrypt files

      is to use idoo File Encryption software, which makes it easy to solve all your problems.
    • encrypt your computer files
    • How to encrypt information on a computer? We may create a secure area that will hold all our important data, and only the password for the secure area is needed. Once the secure area is opened by the correct password, all files there are accessible for us, and we need not input the code one by one.
    • It has various useful functions that Office Software does not possess. It can set the user authority to access files/ file folders/ HDDs, such as deny copy, deny read, deny modification, hide files/ file folders/ HDDs and so on. Meanwhile, it can also monitor the usage of the operating system and files.
    • But that's not all. This Encryption Software is packed together with superb features you may find incredibly useful. For example, when someone tries to log in over and over without the proper password, you get an email notification. Meanwhile, the program shuts down to prevent further attempts.
    • Additionally, it gives you a unique ability to fully monitor all your files and drives. You receive a complete report on all accesses to files and the running of programs. One quick check lets you know if any unauthorized access has occurred. You can quickly follow up and stop access before extensive damage can take place.
    • Disadvantages: Once the system is reinstalled, other files will no longer be protected except for encrypted files.
    • Before you use it, it is best to know how does encryption software work?

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