How to Password Protect Flash Drive

Flash drive is a convenient stuff, because you can take it to any place you want. Most people do not use a password to protect flash driver. So, all important data stored on flash, like insurance information, contacts, ID number, document and so on, will be leaked out if you lost the flash or it got stolen. Anyone who plugs it into their computer could get instant access to all the documents and data it contains.

How does it work

If you don't password protect a flash drive, it would face high risk. So you need a password protect flash drive software to protect you flash drive secure by making it looked empty to anyone who hasn't got the password. It uses state of the AES 256-bit encryption which basically means even with the most powerful computer in the world it won't get cracked any time soon. With the assistance of idoo USB Encryption, we are able to divide the USB memory space into two isolated areas, the safe area and the public area. The secure area can be only opened by keying in the correct password, while the public area need not, which is just like any USB memories that are not encrypted. More than convenient, the encrypted USB memories can be used on any computer without installing extra applications, and all we need is to remember the password. Once the encrypted USB memories were lost or lent to someone else, the data in safe area cannot be accessed unless people's got the correct password. This offers an ideal way to secure the information held in USB memories.

Recommend password protect flash drive software

idoo password protect flash drive software is an advanced flash drive protect software that allows you to make sure that the most valuable data cannot be comprised on your flash drive. The users will not even be able to see the physical presence of that information, which means it will be as secure as if it was in your own safe, with no one around having a clue what you stored there.


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