How To Password Protect Data On CDs or DVDs

  • Nowadays, the AES256 is a widely accepted symmetric encryption algorithm, and it's also a federal government standard. This translates the plaintext and reserve it into digital gibberish, and using the right password, it may also process in reverse to revive an original data. And that's to say that, the encrypted data is simply a pile of meaningless messy codes without the right security password.
  • How to create password encrypted and

    protected CD/DVD disk

    ? idoo DVD encryption software could be the best software for all of us to burn encrypted CD/DVDs. We might make two separate areas, the safe area and the public area, on a disk. The spaces of the two areascould be set based on our different requirements. We might access the public place just like normal disks, while the security password is important when you try to enter the secure and safe area. If the encrypted CD/DVD were lost or stolen, this secure area can't be seen either. Also, the encrypted CD / DVD is accepted by any pc without installing extra softwares. idoo just provides all of us an effective and efficient solution to disk security concerns.
  • How to encrypt a CD/DVD by password

  • 1. Select the disc type you want to create from the right side of 'Recorder' device list.
  • 2. Insert a blank or erasable disc into your recorder.
  • 3. Click 'Add files' button.
  • 4. Add files into safe area or public area, and click 'Burn' button to start burning your disc.
  • How to create and burn an encrypted ISO file disc
  • 1. Select 'Make ISO Image File' from the right side of 'Recorder' device list..
  • 2. Click "Add Files" button,and add files into secure are or public area.
  • 3. Click "Burn" button to start burning your disc.
  • How to password protect DVD
  • Run the executable file 'agent.exe' in the disc and enter your password of the safe area, then you can read the information in the encrypted CD/DVD disc.
  • Is the encrypted disc portable or easy to use
  • is protable. You need not to install any extra program ,just run the executable file 'agent.exe' and enter your password, you can then open the encrypted disc easily.
  • How could my friend open my encrypted CD/DVD disc
  • Tell him/her your password, he/she can open your encrypted CD/DVD disc easily.
  • How to burn the ISO file into a blank CD/DVD disc
  • 1. Click 'ISO Burner' button.
  • 2. Insert a blank disc into the recorder.
  • 3. Select your recorder and click 'Refresh' button.
  • 4. Select the ISO file you want to burn.
  • 5. Click 'Burn' button to start burning your disc.
  • How to mount the ISO file in the virtual drive
  • 1. Click 'Virtual Disc' button.
  • 2:Select the ISO image file you want to mount.
  • 3:Select the drive letter you want to make.
  • 4: Click "Mount" button to mount it.

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