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What are the advantages of using Excel format?

  • What is Excel?
  • Excel or Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program which allows one to enter numerical values or data into the rows or columns of a spreadsheet, and to use these numerical entries for such things as calculations, graphs, and statistical analysis for important data and information.
  • Why use Excel ?
  • 1. Deal with data. Import, organize, and explore massive data sets within significantly expanded spreadsheets.
  • 2. Analysis in charts. Use the completely redesigned charting engine in Office Excel to communicate your analysis in professional-looking charts.
  • 3. Work with tables. Create, format, expand, filter, and refer to tables within formulas because Excel has greatly improved support for tables.
  • 4. Highlight trends in data. “See” important trends and find exceptions in your data.
  • 5. Business information. Help ensure you and your organization work with the most current business information.
  • 6. Extend your business intelligence. Take advantage of the flexibility and the new cube functions in Office Excel to build a custom report from an OLAP database. 10

What is Excel itself encryption and its steps

  • What is Excel Encryption?
  • Excel provides several layers of security and protection to control who can access and change your Excel data.
  • For optimal security, you should protect your entire workbook file with a password, allowing only authorized users to view or modify your data.
  • For additional protection of specific data, you can protect certain worksheet or workbook elements, with or without a password. Use element protection to help prevent anyone from accidentally or deliberately changing, moving, or deleting important data.
  • How to Encrypt Excel by itself
  • Here are steps on how to encrypt Excel
  • Step 1. Using Microsoft Excel, open the spreadsheet that you want to Encrypt.
  • Step 2. Click on the Tools menu, click the Options tab, and then click the Security tab.
  • Step 3. Click the advanced button. From the Encryption Type menu, scroll down and chose.
  • Step 4. Click OK.Now type a password in the "Password to Open" field, click okay.
  • Step 5.You will get another dialog box asking you to Re-Enter your password. Please re-enter your password and click ok.
  • Note: It is difficult to recover a password protected or encrypted file if you lose the password.
  • After that you can protect your Excel.

Is it really secure by Excel self encryption?

  • The information in the Excel document is confidential and only a restricted number of people should be able to see it, like your company report forms, financial data, business data, family budget, etc. The Excel self encryption method is not safe for high important Excel document. If you don't encrypt the Excel file then anyone can read it and the value of your information is lost. But if you are going to encrypt Excel files you need to use reliable Excel encryption software.

You need a secure Excel encryption software

  • idoo USB Encryption is the best Excel secure software to secure lock USB flash drives. It helps you get Excel security, lock Excel secure cameras for your privacy photos and important usb secure hard drive data.
  • You should use Excel encryption software that uses US Government strength encryption for secure reasons and protect your sensitive Excel data and information. The US government has approved an algorithm called AES for protecting US government information that is confidential.
  • Protect Excel from viruses, spyware, and other security threats. You don’t need any security software on your computers to protect your work and private data if you install idoo USB Encryption software. When it comes to security, there is no worry about the Excel.

How to use Excel encryption software

  • idoo office Excel encryption offers the most secure and easiest method to encrypt office Word with amazing experience.
  • Step 1. Download idoo Excel encryption software
  • Step 2. Launch idoo Excel encryption software
  • Step 3. Insert your USB drive.
  • Step 4. Select the size of the secure area of the USB disc.
  • Step 5. Install the secure area, and set the password to protect you Excel file.
  • Step 6. Open you USB disk, you will find a agent.exe was created by idoo usb encryption software.
  • Step 7.Run agent.exe. It will need password that you set before.
  • Step 8. Then you can put your Excel documents you want to encryt in the secure area, no any can acess it without your password.

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