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              • USB Encryption Software

                                • USB Folder Lock Review
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                                • Softpedia guarantees that idooencryption (Folder lock softwae) tools is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.
                                • These products was last tested in the Softpedia.5 Labs on
                                • ---- 17/ 12/ 2011 ( Softpedia Editor)
                                • Undoubtedly, idoo File Encryption provides various excellent methods to easy Folder encryption software. Besides that, it is compatible with all Windows versions from 2000 up to Windows 7
                                • ----------- Don Belcher
                                  • Our Clients Review
                                  • folder encryption
                                  • an excellent solution to protect lock your data on USB security memory sticks.
                                  • The data on these protected usb folder security areas can be accessed only with the use of a password. A really impressive usb security software - Highly-recommended.
                                  • "------------ jack"
                                  • "I'm really surprised with the result brought by this program. Amazing! Thank you so much for creating such powerful and effective usb secure software.
                                  • " ----------- Glush "
                                  • This is very useful and quite unique software and I am currently using it a lot for my USB security stick. Great application!"
                                  • "----------- Mirele"