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  • idoo USB Encryption is one of the best encryption software which is professionally designed to secure USB 3.0 stick. It allows you to create a password protected secure area on USB 3.0 stick for your confidential data. In addition, it also provides you a read-only option to protect the encrypted data on the secured USB 3.0 stick the best usb encryption tool. And you can access to the secured data on USB 3.0 drive in a third computer even you don't install the security program in the computer. And you just drag and drop data into the secured area, the data will be automatically protected with password. You see, if Durham has a tool like best USB Encryption, they won't be worried about and blamed for this incident of USB 3.0 stick loss.

USB 3.0 Released

  • USB 3.0 technology that we've talked for more than 2 years is finally coming to real. News from PC World, HP and 2010 International CES proved it.
  • HP laptop available with USB 3.0.
    (- January 12, 2010 by Brooke Crothers from CNET.)
    HP spokeswoman Sheila Watson said Tuesday that the company is shipping certain Envy 15 configurations with the USB 3.0 ports. "HP Direct (our online store) does now sell the Envy 15 with the USB 3.0 along with the new ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5830 Graphics (DX11)," she said in response to an e-mail query Tuesday, referring to the mobile Radeon graphics chip from Advanced Micro Devices' ATI unit.
  • WD's First USB 3.0 Hard Drive Is Incredibly Fast, and You Want One
    (-January 5, 2010 by Kevin Parrish from Tomeshareware.)
    Western Digital today revealed its latest addition to the My Book external hard drive series, boasting compatibility with the new, hot & juicy Super Speed USB 3.0 interface. Granted consumers will need a new motherboard with built-in USB 3.0 technology or install a PCI-e card with a Super Speed interface, consumers can now store meaty data on an external drive up to 10 times faster than the old and decrepit USB 2.0 interface.
  • We won't be surprised if Apple started implementing USB 3.0 hard drive in new products soon. Wondering, if the Tablet will feature USB 3.0.... The supper speed makes it possible to transfer big files though USB 3.0 devices like the AVATAR movie.
  • USB 3.0 will certainly make the USB device more popular than USB 2.0 period. Good news for most of us, but, are you really ready for it? With the convenient USB device fast transfer data though USB 3.0, is the data on the USB device safer? Every coin has 2 sides, let's see the threats below:
  • Kingston flash drives suffer password flaw
    (- January 4, 2010 by Tom Espiner from CNET)
    Kingston Technology has asked customers to return certain models of its DataTraveler secure flash drives for an update, following the discovery of a flaw in the memory sticks.
  • Secure USB Drive Flaw Exposed
    (- January 4, 2010 by Kelly Jackson Higgins)
    USBs go under the microscope as vulnerability discovered in SanDisk secure USB leads to recall of Kingston USB and updates to SanDisk, Verbatim USB.
  • USB flash drives are very small, very portable, very convenient -- and very easy to lose! The most precious thing is not your USB Flash Driver but the data on it. Even the Kingston secure flash drivers are not safe, how about the common USB flash driver with sensitive data? So please take care about it, encrypt USB as a habit. If your USB Drive is common one, USB Encryption software such as best USB Encryption tool is your choice! It allows you to divide USB drive into secure area and public area. You can store your vital files on secure area and make them only accessible to you with correct password. For your normal files, you can store them on public area to keep them shareable with others. You can also hide the locked data on secure area by deleting the access to the encrypted area. And no one will be aware of that you have locked your USB drive. This kind of best USB Encryption tool will surely make your USB drive more secure than Kingston.

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