• USB Disk Security

    • My USB stick's lost! —— That's a common thing to happen. However what we worry about is not the USB stick itself, it is the very data stored in it. If the important data were exposed, it may well bring disastrous consequence. So, what shall we do to protect our data stored in the USB sticks?
    • There are some easy solutions. For example, you can encrypt your documents by Microsoft Office, or encrypt files or folders when compress them by Winrar or Winzip, or just hide them by changing their attributes. However, if the files and folders were large or of great amount, it would not be an efficient or effective way to protect them by the methods stated above. Before you decide the solution for your data security, you’d better consider comprehensively your need for the other information or media, such as the computer hard disks, SD cards, and DVD/CD disks. For different situations, idoo developed several encryption software and there must be one fits you.
    • idoo USB Encryption software helps you password protect secure USB drives, Thumb drives, Memory sticks, Pen drives, Jump drives and Flash drives.
    • How to password protect files on

      USB security

    • This

      USB Encryption software

      divides USB drive into two areas: public area and secure area. You can store normal files in public area, and store sensitive data in secure area. Nobody can accees the data on the secure area without password, all the files located in the secure area will be encrypted and absolutely private.
    • How to protect USB disk security with

      USB flash drive security software

    • 1. Insert the USB drive that you want to password protect into the USB port of your computer.
    • usb encryption
    • 2. Choose the drive and set the size of secure area will be created, and click "install" to input your password.
    • usb drive security
    • 3. Click "Yes" button to start creating secure area.
    • usb flash drive security
    • 4. Click "Ok" button to successful to create secure area in the USB drive.
    • usb security
    • Before creating secure USB disk area, you should backup your files on USB stick to hard disk firstly.
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      • System Requirements
      • Windows 7 8 10 32/64-bit
      • Windows Vista 32/64-bit
      • Windows XP 32/64-bit
      • Windows 2000
      • Windows Server 2000 32/64-bit
      • Windows Server 2003 32/64-bit
      • Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit