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    Why you need Windows 8 file protect software?

    • People have various kinds of secrets which can't be shared with improper persons even their own relatives. Like the private diary, people write diary on notebook, and they will hide or lock their diary somewhere. And now, people write things on computer or internet, and don't want the diary to be seen by any other people in the world. Or they master some extremely important files for business. There are many critical data in the documents which can't be leaked to any other people except the persons who are taking charge in this issue. All the secrets should be kept safely.
    • A file protect software can ensure the files of secrets are safe in Windows 8 and Internet by locking and encryting files. Instead of simply adding some passwords to protect file, a good Windows 8 file protect software will also encrypt those files by the encryption technology, which can be cracked 200 years later. You are the only one who master the key to decrypt the protected files unless you give the key to the person who he or she have the right to access those files.
    • windows 8 file protect software

    Windows 8 file protect software recommendation

    • Need help protecting your private data in Windows 8? idoo File Encryption is a highly secure file protect software which enables to protect files, folders and entire directory trees. The program features fast and simple one-click encryption using most secure algorithms as well as shredder and wipe-out utilities. idoo File Encryption is a powerful, yet extremely easy to use file encryption program. It integrates directly with Windows Explorer, enabling encryption, decryption, viewing and editing of any file with just a few clicks of the mouse. idoo File Encryption uses the AES algorithms, which comply with US Government and Internet standards. It uses a straight forward one-click way to process files. There is no additional interface to configure or open, other than selecting/entering your password.
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      • System Requirements
      • Windows 7 8 10 32/64-bit
      • Windows Vista 32/64-bit
      • Windows XP 32/64-bit
      • Windows 2000
      • Windows Server 2000 32/64-bit
      • Windows Server 2003 32/64-bit
      • Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit